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past to present

Postby rabidmechanic05 » Sat Dec 30, 2006 10:17 pm

im constantly being told ive had to many stereos in my short dealings with pro audio. lets see what you think.

1) 2 12" old school Polk Audio subs in a 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 reg cab hitting 134.5 with mtx thunder amp (dont remember what series)

2) 2 12" JLW1V2 in same truck same amp hitting 137.3Dbs

3) 2 12" Xtant X124 subs in 2 different cars.....mothers focus *still had truck and theres no way i could fit a 3 cube box in there.....then my civic, both times 138.9

4) 1 15" Kicker L7 powered by MA HK 1397 in 05 civic hitting 139.9

5) 2 RE 8's in sealed boxes hitting a weak.....weak.....124.2.....cant insult that bad considering they were in seperate .25 cube sealed boxes

6) same subs in 1.8 cube ported box (re specs) powered by diamond d3400.2 hitting 135.7 *i killed audiobahns, mmats, and jl w6's!!!*

7) either going to be a single american bass vfl 15, or 2 IDMax's. both in ported box's powered by lotsa power, more than likely a vfl150.1, be bout 3000 to the vfl, or 1500 a piece to the max's *both peak* just need to decide what to do........input?

oh, it makes it better that this is the end of year 2 in audio.....

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