eVGA 7600GT, Vista Home Premium, Audax TM025 tweets

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eVGA 7600GT, Vista Home Premium, Audax TM025 tweets

Postby eezip » Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:31 pm

Hey all: A couple things for sale. I have about 150 feedback on eBay, all positive. My eBay ID is eezip. PayPal is preferred. All prices are with shipping.

I bought this card on 3-29-06 from Newegg and have been using it until last week. I have kept absolutely everything that came with the card and the original packaging. Clocks are 500MHz core and 1500MHz memory. $55

I bought Vista Home Premium Upgrade when it first came out. I installed it without entering the key to test drive it and then extended the test drive before going back to XP and finally to Vista Ultimate. No need to keep Home Premium now :) This is a fully legit, never registered copy of Home Premium. $100

4 new Audax TM025 8ohm tweets. Don't know F1 or F9 type. Comes in a snazzy Audax box. Not sure what they're worth but I just want to move them.
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