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Postby mciampag » Thu Sep 09, 2004 4:55 pm

I've played Neverwinter and Morrowind both, though not any of the expansions. I liked them both, but they're very different games. I think Morrowind is more in-depth and detailed, the world is more vast and spread out, you have more freedom on how you develop your character, etc. On the other hand, Neverwinter is a tad easier to play, I like the party structure (even if it is just two of you), I like the class development, etc.

If you liked Baldur's Gate, you'll like Neverwinter. Morrowind is a completely different game unlike anything that I've played before, but very well written, with exceptional graphics. The gameplay is more structured in Neverwinter, you get a task, you do it, and you do other sidejobs along the way. You run around the screens and kill things as they come along. In Morrowind, there are no 'screens'. It's a continuous world. You get a main job, but you can take however long you like to do it, roam the country side, etc. There are no chapters, not nearly as much structure as Neverwinter.

Morrowind is also a 3D game with a first-person point of view. You can move the camera slightly behind your character like many other first-person games, but in the end, it's still first-person. Neverwinter is the same 3rd person view that was common to Baldur's Gate and all the other D&D based games.

The combat structures are quite different as well. They're both real-time, but that's where the similarities end. With Morrowind, you click the bad guy you want to attack. There are even different kinds of attacks depending on how you move your mouse - thurst, slash, chop, etc. Dunno about magic, I never used it. In Neverwinter, I setup the game to pause after each round, so it was real time, but during the pauses I selected my next attack, making it quasi-turn-based. You still click the bad guy you want to kill, but there's more structure to the combat system (seeing a common theme here?).

In the end, they're both excellent games, yet very different from each other. Boy I feel like a nerd now...
- Mark
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Postby Justin W » Thu Sep 09, 2004 5:10 pm

Very nice post... even though you feel like a nerd.
Justin W

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