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Postby Derek » Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:21 pm

1980supreme wrote:i've got a 99 gmc jimmy with the same 4.3

it goes alright for what it is, but it's not anything special.

check out you'll find tons of useful info on there.

the only good thing about the programmers you can buy are that you can change tire sized for correct speedo reading and remove the speed limiter.

tb spacers are also useless on the newer vortec engines.

look into a transgo shift kit with a vette servo if it's got a 4L60E(automatic).

also, just inside your TB there's a plate that restricts flow. remove it and get free throttle response. lots of people remove the clutch fan and switch to ford taurus E-fans and also gain a little gas mileage and throttle response. has a nice line of products you should check out.

the dynomax 2.5" catback exhaust is a cheap and nice upgrade

i've got that shift kit in my's pretty neato :)
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